As a Service & Product Designer I strive to make things seamless, natural and valuable from a customer and business perspective. I mean, why create something nobody wants?

What I Do

I believe time is precious. When creating products or services we should make sure not to waste anyone’s time. The time we do make a person spend, have to be meaningful and delivered with the best experience possible. Treat your customers with same respect you would treat your best friends.

I plan and facilitate Design sprints and Design thinking workshops to help create successful businesses and solutions to the real problems.

Physical technology

I really like working with physical technology and I have both studied and worked in Arduino based projects. I’ve also worked as a tutor in physical prototyping at Malmö University, where Arduino is an important tool for prototyping ideas and concepts.

Web Development

I started working with web development back in 1999 when notepad was the preferred tool. I’ve worked with both Front-end and Back-end development for campaign projects or IT-services for Webtv and live video streaming.

Service and UX design

I work with design thinking as a foundation while I prototype and wireframe with many different tools, if necessary. I prefer Rapid prototyping to get a quick sense for interactions and flows to test hypothesis. I do this with Pen & Paper, Adobe XD, Flinto,  Figma, Protopie, Framer X, Sketch and all kinds of various prototyping tools.

Workshop Facilitation

I’m certified from AJ&Smart in doing Design Sprint (2.0)  4 Days + Iteration week and also Design thinkers academy for running Design thinking workshops 4-5 Days. I also do Problem framing sessions and Prototyping as two separate deliveries.

My broad knowledge which stretches from electronics through programming to mechanics, gives me less limitations when it comes to trying out ideas and concepts.


A campaign site called Endelavoss, for GAIS, a Swedish football club from Gothenburg. The site is created by building a custom one page web site based on bootstrap framework and then converted to a WordPress theme.

About Me

I’m an Interaction designer and a Creative technologist with a lot of experience from from Digital Communication. As a dedicated problem solver I keep the user in focus. Adding value and meaning to products or services makes me tick.

Hire Me

Gleerups digital platform design

UI/UX Design

UX/UI work for Gleerups.

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Byrålistan - Byralistan.se

Byralistan.se is a free service

Byralistan.se is a free service for production companies, creative agencies and freelancers. I wanted to create a place where these companies could easily add themselves and their contact information. Why? So people can find these companies in one place. I’ts a good thing of you are looking for a job or if you are trying to find a creative agency in your town.

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Campaign site for GAIS

A campaign site called Endelavoss for GAIS, a Swedish football club from Gothenburg. The site is created by building a custom one page web site based on bootstrap framework and then converted to a WordPress theme.

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Redesign og workflow

Redesigning the workflow of the book scanner Zeta Scanner. Simplifying the interface workflow.

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Service design of anticipatory coffee ordering service

The idea was to test how an anticipatory service for coffee shops could work. By using sensors and AI learning mechanisms, schedule and geo fencing functions. It could be possible to have the correct coffee ordered automatically depending on what time of the day, a customers preferences and desires.

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Programming for interaction design

During my studies in interaction design we created a game for android devices. The specific assignment was to take a card game ment to stimulate mathematic and logic thinking and create a digital version for children between the ages 6 to 10. This is a short video that demonstrates the app.

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Data Visualisation

Visualisation ozon levels

Visualisation an idea for a service that could help people plan their activities depending on the pollution levels in the air.

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Herberts run

Game design

https://vimeo.com/94679066 Interaction design 180p Course: Mediadesign 3, Game design This game was created during 6 out of a 10 week course Role: Programmer, Graphics and idea creation Team: Petter Bjelm, Dejen Milenkovits Daniel Sofinet, Alee Furman, Ariana de Ryss Music Dejan Milenkovits – Ingame music Berlin – The Metro

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Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia

Online campaign Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia

Assignment: Create online signup for Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia Employer: Augusti AB Client: Handelsbanken Finans / Porsche Sweden Role: Interactive producer

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Campaign site Kia motors

Flash campaign

Assignment: Based on design delivered from client, create an interactive flash site for Kia Motors. Kia Motors was one of the main sponsors during Football EM 2008. Role: Interactive director Client: BerntzonBylund www: http://www.berntzonbylund.se/

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Save the children Enslant

Campaign site

Assignment: Design and program campaign site, raise the number of visitors and card applications. Role: Interactive director Client: Handelsbanken Finans    

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Physical prototyping, Tangible interfaces

Tangible interfaces

COURSE: Physical prototyping 1, Tangible interfaces, Critical Design Digital Religion.

Interaction design 180p, The box listens for tweets containing god, in this case, and then prints the tweet if someone comes near it.

Role: Programming with Arduino, Design.

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Internet of things IoT, Connect devices with NFC

Internet of things, android app, Node.js server.

During the course Physical prototyping 3 and Internet of things we were given the assignment to come up with a new solution for IOTs. We had the design agency Topp.se and Malmö university as stake holders.

Problem: Constant addition of new things connected to the Internet. SOLUTION: Make this less virtual and more physical with the help of NFC, Smartphone and a Node.js server.

For this project I built one wifi connected RGB-Lamp, one wifi connected flower pot measuring moist levels, and setup a Node.js server communicating with the Android phone and the all the devices.

Role: Programmer, It-Architect

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Live video exploration

Exploring environments using live video, mobile devices and unacquainted users.

The intent of this research is to explore a possible scenario of a user collaboration that lies ahead in the mobile video streaming market. And how mobile devices can be used as an explorative tool through live video streaming. It will demonstrate collaboration between users where emphasis lies in sharing; controlling and requesting live streams from one another in a live setting.

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Drop Me a Line

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you looking to change the world into a better place. I’m always interested in projects that involves prototyping  meaningful aspects and conceptualising difficult ideas.

Petter Bjelm
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petterbjelm